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The "veil" in the architectural space - what is expanded metal mesh?

Hello, designers!

Expanded metal mesh can show the structure of the building itself, while reducing the industrial feeling of the whole space, so it is often used in factory renovation, and the light shines through the "veil" of stretch mesh, adding a hazy beauty to the building.
What is expanded metal mesh?

Expanded Metal mesh is a variety of metal screen industry, also known as steel plate mesh, punching and shearing mesh, stamping mesh. It uses metal plate by punching, shearing, stretching with diamond-shaped hole mesh, common materials are steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc. Expanded Metal mesh is more flat than metal woven wire mesh, welded wire mesh.
The hole size and pattern of the stretched mesh can be processed and designed according to the needs.
Expanded Metal mesh is widely used in: space division, wall decoration, screen, window, etc. It can also be used in the wall decoration of buildings.It has special flexibility and luster, colorful and very artistic expression.
The hollow expanded metal mesh allows light and air to enter the room. Making the space have a better visual sense, comfort In addition, it has excellent durability and recyclability.
Modern commonly used punching and shearing stretching methods:

Light and flexible plates are used as raw materials. The punching and shearing process is fast and efficient. High quality stretch mesh can be produced quickly and the finished product has a larger surface area than sheet metal and does not waste material.
Surface treatment:

VC dipping, hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, anodizing, spraying anti-rust paint, etc.

Commonly used terms:

SWD - short way of diamond LWD - long way of diamond Bond - where two strands intersect W-Thickness of plate LWM(Width) - mesh sheet size,the distance of lwd direction SWM(Length) - mesh sheet size,the distance of swd direction
Application Cases
Goose Hut by GOLUCCI
Taking into account the shape and the surrounding view is not blocked, the design mainly uses two materials: white metal mesh and wood veneer, on the basis of the shape and retain the permeability of the space, but also to add a sense of mystery to the guests dining, the restaurant interior white metal mesh retains the permeability of the space.
设计 | 即作建筑 MINOR lab
The thin shell structure and metal curtain wall form a "skirt", creating a layer of hotel reception, lounge and multi-functional hall open service space, floating as a roof, falling as a curtain, rising as a hall, sinking as a ladder, passengers can wander on the skirt, forming a variable viewing path, restoring the spatial experience of the mountain city
SMOORE流塘工业园改造 设计 | 厘米制造
As the embodiment of our fog technology, "Fog Valley" is implanted into the narrow space of the two buildings with a new concept, establishing the landmark of the park and becoming the visual focal point of the area, with two towering walls erected with metal stretch mesh to build a dynamic and continuous fog valley. The vertical flip-up expanded metal mesh is cleverly combined with indoor lighting and sightline requirements, customizing 6 different angles of flip-up expanded metal mesh units, greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of construction.
ETOILE 研究中心 设计 | Block Architects
Fashion Factory创意工厂- B庭院城市更新 设计 | 非静止建
When night falls, the rhythmic outer skin of the metal mesh is lit up as a continuous stitching curve in the courtyard.
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