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Global import prices expected to rise nearly 11% next year as sea freight costs soar

Attention! Many shipping lines suspended/adjusted Asia to US West service, involving Qingdao, Ningbo, Yantian and many other Chinese ports

As the global economy continues to recover in the wake of the epidemic, congestion has become a major factor affecting vessel reliability and freight rates.

According to a combination of VesselsValue Trade and AIS data, a total of 2.36 million TEUs (International TEUs) and 181.6 million DWT (deadweight tonnage) are currently "on hold" worldwide as they wait for berths.

According to the latest data from the Port of Los Angeles signal platform on November 16, the average waiting time for each ship to berth outside the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach has also surged from 16.9 days the day before to 17.7 days, more than twice as long as two months ago. This undoubtedly makes the two major ports outside the container ship congestion worsening.

It is reported that a container ship named "Hyundai Prestige" has been waiting for berthing for 49 days.

ZIM suspends Asia-US West service

Due to port congestion, StarElite Shipping - Zim has joined Wan Hai Lines in rerouting vessels on the Asia-US West Coast route and suspending its expedited service call to Los Angeles for at least seven weeks.

The last ship in a seven-ship service connecting Kaohsiung, Shanghai and Ningbo to Southern California left Kaohsiung on Nov. 5, according to maritime data and consulting firm Sea intelligence. The service, called ZX3, will restart on Dec. 23. zim has two other Asia-U.S. West services.
A Zim spokesperson said, "In light of the lengthy delays on the West Coast (particularly Los Angeles), we have made adjustments to our route service, including our electric service to Los Angeles. Some vessels have been diverted to other routes where needed. In light of the current supply chain outages, we will continue to adjust our routes to provide the best possible service to our customers."

Wan Hai Lines said it is shifting vessels from its six Asia-U.S. West routes to its intra-Asia routes. Three of the vessels are being redeployed to new expedited service routes calling Ningbo, Nansha and New York..

Maersk, MSC adjust several Asia-US-Canada routes

The 2M alliance between Maersk and MSC recently announced adjustments to a number of routes from Asia to the United States and Canada, involving a number of Chinese ports including Qingdao, Ningbo and Yantian, the company has learned.

MSC said the action was necessary because of the current challenging market conditions affecting port activity and causing congestion throughout the supply chain.

As a result, the world's largest container alliance will modify the voyages of the following services to provide better schedule reliability.

A few days ago, MSC again released the port hopping information of 7 voyages, and they are all domestic ports, including Yantian, Shanghai, Nansha and Xiamen.

MSC November 16th port jump information

1. Route Name: ALBATROSS
Ship Name Voyage: MADRID MAERSK 145W
Change content: Cancellation of port of call YANTIAN

2. Route Name: SILK
Ship Name Voyage: MATHILDE MAERSK 145W
Change content: Cancellation of port of call SHANGHAI

3. Route Name: JADE
Ship Name Voyage: MSC DITTE FJ145W
Change content: Cancellation of port of call NANSHA

4. Route Name: JADE
Ship Name Voyage: MSC MIA FJ146W
Change content: Cancellation of port of call XIAMEN

5. Route Name: JADE
Ship Name Voyage: MSC AMBRA FJ140E
Change content: Cancellation of port of call YANTIAN

6. Route Name: JADE Ship Name Voyage: MSC NELA FJ142E
Change content: Cancellation of port of call YANTIAN

7. Route Name: TIGER
Ship Name Voyage: MSC CLARA FT148W
Change content: Cancellation of port of call SHANGHAI

Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach Announces: Extension of Container Demurrage Fee.

In an effort to encourage importers and consignees to pick up containers from marine terminals as soon as possible to give terminal operators more flexibility in receiving empty containers, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are implementing plans to impose a container demurrage fee.

The ports have agreed to postpone the collection of the fees by one week due to progress made in clearing containers that are over nine days old at marine terminals. The new charges, which were scheduled to take effect on Nov. 15, have been postponed to Nov. 22.

The port said railroads and truckers have made greater progress in unloading imported containers from terminals at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, prompting managers to delay the start date for the demurrage charge on overdue containers.

Since the program was announced on Oct. 25, the number of long-term stranded containers has decreased by 26%.
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