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Latest Wire Rod Offer - Nov 30

Orson Q195 galvanized wire market list
product name Tax-included price Ups and downs
High zinc wireφ2.5And above 5500 RMB stable
High zinc wireφ2.3-φ2.4 5550 RMB stable
High zinc wireφ2.2 5750 RMB stable
High zinc wireφ2.0 5900 RMB stable
Electro-galvanized wireφ3.0And above 4650 RMB stable
Electro-galvanized wireφ2.5-φ2.9 4680 RMB stable
Electro-galvanized wireφ2.0-φ2.4 4710 RMB stable
Common zinc wireφ3.0And above 4810 RMB stable
Common zinc wireφ2.5-φ2.9 4850 RMB stable
Common zinc wireφ2.3-φ2.4 4880 RMB stable
Common zinc wireφ2.1-φ2.25 5000 RMB stable
High zinc wireφ2.0 5150 RMB stable

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