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Materials with blurred borders———Decorative mesh

Metal Curtain Wall Decoration Mesh
Whether used for beautiful new construction or restoration of existing buildings, metal curtain wall mesh has outstanding performance in terms of functionality and durability. Metal curtain wall mesh has unlimited potential for both industrial and commercial use.

Metal curtain wall decorative mesh is assembled by a series of wire mesh panels, which can bring a unique appearance style to the building, and it has 6 advantages:
1, large coverage area: metal curtain wall decorative mesh can cover the entire building height, high-rise, ground floor are applicable.
2, quick and easy to install: generally speaking, the building where the metal curtain wall decorative mesh is installed already has a formed bottom bracket: the top, bottom and middle connection tube installation points, if the middle connection tube, top and bottom bottom bracket, U-shaped bolts have been pre-installed, the builder only needs to lift the screen plate and connect with these parts, set the preload, and install the screen connection parts and middle connection tube can be.
3, long service life: corrosion-resistant stainless steel, well-fastened wire mesh curtain wall is very durable, almost no maintenance.
4, natural ventilation: permeable wire mesh curtain wall is also a natural ventilation system. Holes can also be cut in the screen panels to meet the specific ventilation requirements of the project.
5, good safety performance: stainless steel wire mesh can also be used as a protective system, as a multi-story parking lot or outdoor stairs, balcony protection fence.
6, shading: wire mesh curtain wall can effectively shade the sun, especially can filter the incident light, reduce building heating.
Mumu Art Museum Entrance Renovation
Architectural design: 直向建筑

In early 2016, the operator of the museum wanted to renovate the exterior and entrance space of the house, and the architects adopted a strategy of not changing the original building, but using a new layer of translucent materials to create a superposition of the old and the new. This is to use the translucency of the new material to generate a new state of the city together with the old building, rather than to create a new existence by demolishing and renovating the old building.
Japan Women's University Library
Architectural Design: Kazushi Umejima

The Nihon Women's University Library, designed by Kazuo Seijima, is a brand new building in the Mejirodai Campus of Nihon Women's University, located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The external concrete slab clearly shows the continuous movement of the building's interior. The large glass curtain wall brings in plenty of natural light, while the carefully placed mesh grille ensures privacy while avoiding direct sunlight.
Ohio Central Parking
Architectural Design: Schooley Caldwell

The architects worked with artist Ned Kahn to create a dynamic façade of layered, free-flowing grid panels, Kaynemaile, a polycarbonate fiber mesh, is the primary building material for the façade, complementing the form and materials of the existing building and introducing architectural elements that can be considered part of the convention center's extensive art collection.
Architectural design: 联合公设-筑博设计

The facade of the five buildings of Sanshui New City Cultural and Commercial Complex is linked by a complete ink landscape painting, both divided and united, from a distance, the buildings are complete, and from a closer view, each individual building is displayed by a color screen printing curtain wall to increase the recognizability of the venues; each venue has its own characteristics and is easy to distinguish.
Architectural design: RSAA/ 庄子玉工作室

RSAA/Zhuang Ziyu Studio was invited by the organizers of the Design Shanghai Xintiandi Design Festival to participate in the design of the interactive installation at the entrance of Xintiandi, and "Altar City" was born. The interaction between superimposed shadows and people, there are real and imaginary, and this kind of relationship between profiles and the meaning of labyrinth in the plane sense is also similar.
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