Chain Mail Mesh Curtain-HT1632
Air aperture 10%-30%
Chain Mail Mesh Curtain-HT1632
Antique Brass Decorative Grilles HT1576

Chain Mail Mesh Curtain-HT1632

Mesh Curtains can come in many different forms, shapes, colors and sizes, and can be put to a number of uses. These curtains are a convenient way to break up a space by cordoning off a given area. What is more, the mesh material can let air pass through, which is particularly useful in low-ventilation areas such as warehouses or other storage facilities. The mesh can also make for effective warehouse curtains since it can effectively protect an area and its contents from bugs and other pests by creating an impenetrable barrier. The same effect can also be achieved by installing a curtain mesh door, if this is more convenient.
Most curtains are 10 feet high with variable widths. The mesh is generally composed of vinyl and polyester, which ensures the sturdiness and longevity of these curtains. In addition, there are several different mounting types of curtain. Some mesh curtains are motorized, while some can be operated by a spring assist mechanism. In either case, the curtains are designed to be easily installed and moved. Choosing between motorized and spring assist comes down to the specific qualifications of the curtain, and what they will be used for. For those consumers who are interested in the simplest design possible, there are also manual sliding mesh curtains available. Overall, these curtains are a great way to protect and organize a work space.
Chain Link Curtain Features:
• Anodized surface
• Beautiful appearance and various color option
• High durability and flexibility.
• Smooth and bright surface.
• Easy to install.
• UV resistant and flame resistance
• Excellent Aesthetic appeal and functionality
• Color never fading and paint never dropping
• Gorgeous and chic elegant appearance

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