Crimped Mesh HT-6118
Mesh For Elevator HT-6510
Crimped Mesh HT-6118
Architectural Mesh Facades HT-6216

Crimped Mesh HT-6118


Metal meshes captivate in the field of architecture thanks to the purist elegance of stainless steel. To enable the use of colors in architecture, Haotong has also developed various surface treatment procedures for wire meshes. Depending on the location, colored architectural meshes convey different impressions and appearances.
The standard material used is stainless steel. The Mandarin mesh type is stocked in bronze. Of course, the non-ferrous metals copper and brass can also be used for architectural meshes for specific projects. All non-ferrous metals oxidize in humid environments and on contact with hands. These mesh materials thus form a patina. This process cannot be prevented or reversed, and can also occur unevenly.
Complex graphics on metallic meshes in outdoor deployments – such as facades – are applied using the screen printing technique. Depending on the application, the print format ranges from a few centimetres to several metres. One advantage of screen printing lies in the ability to vary the colour application by using different grades of mesh fineness. This results in very thick paint layers – five to ten times thicker than other printing methods

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