Glass Laminated Wire Mesh HT-4210
Elevator Mesh HT-6412
Glass Laminated Wire Mesh HT-4210
Metal Fabric Divider HT-7016

Glass Laminated Wire Mesh HT-4210

Fabric laminating gives you the opportunity to encapsulate a rich selection of fabrics within protective glass layers. The beauty, colour and texture of regular woven cloth, delicately constructed textiles or printed fabrics are protected when combined with the structural strength and practicality of glass..
Laminated glass comprises of two or more layers of glass which are bonded together with an interlayer using heat and pressure. As well as this PVB (polyvinyl butyl) or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) interlayer, other materials such as coloured interlayers, fabrics, metal meshes and digital prints can be included for a myriad of possibilities.
An ideal product for use in structural, acoustic and decorative applications as the process allows for a wealth of possibilities for a wide range of applications including screens, partitions and cladding.
Laminating can also be combined with other decorative glass products and finishes such as kiln forming, sandblasting and colour coating to further enhance the design

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  • Architectural Metal Curtain Chain Link Mesh Screen Curtains
  • Metal Coil Drapery
  • Coil Wire Mesh For Decorative Metal Curtain
  • Diamond shaped openings Sheet Aluminum Expanded Metal
  • Aluminum Diamond Mesh Expanded Metal for Exterior Facade&Screen
  • Aluminum expnded metal
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