Bronze Architectural Mesh HT-4305T
Elevator Mesh HT-6412
Bronze Architectural Mesh HT-4305T
Metal Fabric Divider HT-7016

Bronze Architectural Mesh HT-4305T

Stainless Steel 304, 316, 316L
Rod Diameter
Cable Diameter
Rod Pitch
Cable Pitch
It is made from high quality copper wire as material in vertical, bar in horizontal, it widely used in glass for decoration, be provided with Fire prevention, safety, security. This mesh inside glass is that dreamlike and beautiful, when the electric lights, shine, lifelike, dazzling. With its incombustible, high-strength, robust, easy to maintain, strong functional and vivid decorative effect, the mesh plays the decorative and protection roll for the glass, it is as a decorative glass new materials, has received more and more designers sought
Decorative wire mesh is used for exterior facades, wall coverings, draped and suspended ceilings, column cladding, sunshades and canopies, gates, stairs, balustrades, furniture and partition screens. Metallic mesh is so flexible it can make stainless steel look like soft, woven cloth or even a transparent membrane. Seen from behind it is translucent. Seen from the front, it is a solid shiny surface. Usually formed of fine cable lengthwise and monofilament rods crosswise, mesh is stable in one direction and formable in the other. Woven panels are of up to eight metres in width . With its versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, durability and flexibility, decorative steel mesh provides a multitude of design opportunities and is responsible for some of the worlds most beautiful buildings.

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