Track system

Available with folding type coil drapery and unfolding type coil drapery, our metal coil drapery can satisfy your practical applications. Generally, the folding rate of coil drapery changes from 120% to 150%. And if you choose this type coil drapery, we will provide you metal rings for installation.

The accessories of metal coil drapery include track, carrier wheel, fasten plate, and end faster. According to customers' different requirements, we can install the metal coil drapery with track system and can also send accessories letting the customer do it by themselves.

We company mainly produce aluminum alloy track system. Aluminum alloy track has three striking advantages. First, it is light in weight but has excellent flexibility and high tensile strength, thus it can be curved according to the any wall design.. Second, it features rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Third, it can be coated with white, brown, black and golden colors to prevent them from environment influences and mechanical effects. So our aluminum alloy track is the most ideal hanging system for the coil drapery.

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